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We are patients
helping patients.

Our story

Here at Purefarma we are one big family, chosen by Cannabis and brought together by our unique relationship to the plant, process and the patient. We respect plant medicine and we firmly believe in the value of carefully preserving the whole plant properties with all its natural medicinal benefits – Just the way nature intended.

award winning

makes us different?

Our gentle proprietary processes ensure that we avoid degradation and preserve the true essence of the plant’s medicinal properties.

Science-Backed and Award-winning products

Numerous accomplishments in the medicinal & recreational cannabis industries.

Hand selected biomass

Our selection process ensures our biomass is sourced from the highest quality producers, selected for its strain specific characteristics, and personally inspected to ensure quality and consistency.

Organic carrier oils

Our elixirs are exclusively emulsified in organic Olive Oil and MCT Oils, rich in both Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Patients & Peoples choice

We work closely with patient support groups and medical foundations methodically creating unique formulations to bring “Quality of Life” to those in need. We are patients helping patients.

Vapes + ElixIrs

Our Products



derived from pure high cbd agricultural hemp

Level-up and ground yourself in your daily self-care routine with our full-bodied EARTH Direct Vape. You can relax knowing our vapes are clean and pure with zero additives, just as nature intended…. but concentrated!

Cannabinoid profile:
TOTAL THC 40mg/g  •  TOTAL CBD 750mg/g

Tasting notes:
Earthy, Sweet, Honey, Spice

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