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We are patients
helping patients.

Here at Purefarma, we are one big family, chosen by Cannabis and brought together by our unique relationship to the plant, process and the patient.

Over the last several years we have been developing and refining our proprietary extraction and refinement processes and equipment. With integrity and innovation leading the way, we commit to developing the highest quality products with our team of industry professionals.

We want you to feel confident knowing that we develop our products with our family and friends in mind. We trust in our team, our processes, our attention to detail and we will continue to let our products speak for themselves.

We respect plant medicine and we firmly believe in the value of carefully preserving the whole plant properties with all its natural benefits - Just the way nature intended.

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Pura Vida

The Pura Vida founders, very early on, recognized the value in the unique quality of the extractions and formulas that Purefarma was creating. In order to get these formulas to the end patient we developed our Pura Vida product line, altruistically medicinal but recreationally focused. 

Years ago, the Pura Vida brand travelled across Canada taking things to a new level. With a grand vision and drive, Pura Vida gained national notoriety after entering several competitions and winning multiple awards for concentrates in the CBD, INDICA, SATIVA, HYBRID categories at the Emerald Cup, High Times and Cannabis Cup. 

Our products are made for all occasions, powered by Purefarma, giving you the ability to perform your life. Your way! 

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