We are patients
helping patients.

At this time, in order to best facilitate existing and new patients, we’d like to introduce you to our partners at Patient Choice. 

Patient Choice is a licensed online medical platform that connects medical cannabis patients, licensed producers and processors. 

To purchase Purefarma and Pura Vida products click the link below.

Looking for more information to help you make educated decisions about your Cannabis consumption? Check out our partners at ENDO-DNA 

Breakthrough DNA tests that match you with the right cannabinoid products for your wellness journey. 

  • Learn the most ideal cannabinoid ratios for you 
  • Uncover how you should take cannabinoids. 
  • Discover the ideal dose for your body. 
  • Know which terpenes provide the greatest benefit, and which to avoid. 
  • Find out any drug to drug interactions that could affect you. 
  • Create your own wellness journey with personalized information. 

We pride ourselves on not cutting corners, ensuring a clean, pure and consistent product -
every time.