How to understand the cannabinoid profiles of the elixir labels for dosing

The first thing to note is that on the package it states 15mg/g CBD and 1mg/g THC, meaning that it has 15mg of CBD in each gram. This is somewhat confusing as the bottle is in ML, and grams are a unit of weight. This is a recent change for Health Canada, which up until recently was mg/ml. As this is an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil formulation, the molecular weight of this is .92 of a ML; meaning that the weight of the formulation in the bottle is 27.6 grams. This then means that entire contents of the 30ml vessel will contain 409.5mg (+/- 15%). Health Canada has made these changes as temperature and elevation effect the total volume. (think of taking a plastic bottle of water onto a plane. When you are “in the air” the fluid in the bottle will take up more room. When you place the cap on the bottle and check it again as you are landing, the bottle will have “sucked in”…. the volume changed but the weight remained constant.) Label restrictions are very specific and we are not allowed to include any additional information on the bottle to clarify.