Quality Control

Medicines must have a clearly defined composition. GMP— certified, fully standardized medicinal cannabis contains a constant composition active ingredients. batch-to—batch. This means the same dose can be taken each time. Doctors can better monitor dosage, condition progress, and reduce the risk of overdose and side effects. These products are also free of microbial contaminants (moulds, fungi, and bacteria), pesticides, and heavy metals. These are qualities which are especially important for people with weakened immune systems, and which make the products safe for vaporization and inhalation into the lungs. Finally, standardization allows the comparison of different clinical trials and studies across time. it is a critical factor for building the evidence base of medicinal cannabis. 

Batch-to-batch consistency is a challenge. The cannabis plant is chemically complex and can vary greatly from plant-to-plant. Growing standardized cannabis means consistently achieving a balance of all potential active (specifically the cannabinoids and terpenes).